DIY Group-Buying Business in 6 (+2 Login) Steps

Step-By-Step Visual Aid
0. Goto
Keep this page available for easy reference.
1. Create an ID
At the top menu, key in your userid and password.
Use a valid email as userid if you wish to receive notification email when group-buying reaches the threshold you set.
User sign-up
2. Prove human-ness
Type the letters as displayed with a space used to separate the 2 words.
Human proof
3. Obtain assigned prefix
At the top menu, click on 'Manage'. Look for Unique Prefix
unique prefix
4. Generate product information
Key the prefix from Step 3 and your arbitrarily chosen product id below and click 'Generate'.
Unique prefix:

Product Id:

Unique product id:
Product QR code:
5. Register product
Copy the bold string on the right, click on 'Home' at the top menu, and paste it under Send Change drop-down to and click 'Send'.
Copy this => ...... Product registration
6a. Setup #1
At the top menu, click 'Manage' and you should see your registered product id. Click on 'Edit'.
Setup #1
6b. Setup #2
Key in a Short description, upload a product image, and QR code image (from Step 4). All are optional.
Setup #2
6c. Setup #3
Set the Notify threshold to the group-buy threshold (volume or currency value), Formula to the group-buy price, and whether you want Type to one-time or it should recur. Change Status to 'active' and click 'Save'.
NOTE 1: Threshold currency value and price can be preceded by 3-character currency code. Default is USD.
NOTE 2: If threshold is currency value, price should be omitted.
Setup #3
7. Group-buying page
Save the URL on the right, which is your group buying page, where users can group-buy and check status. You can also enable buying from anywhere in the real world by pasting QR codes all over town.
Single product url:
Shop url (mult-product):
8a. Reaching your customers #1
On the top menu, click 'Manage'. Find the product and click on 'Bill'.
Customer reach #1
8b. Reaching your customers #2
If a group-buy has reached the threshold, then you can click 'Contact' to automatically send email to customers.
Customer reach #2